Windshield Wiper Fluid Importance

Majority of car owners have probably never given much thought to why it is preferable to use windshield wiper fluid to water. Windshield wiper fluid is important because unlike water, it does not freeze at low temperatures. Due to this, people driving in regions that experience extreme cold weather do not have to worry of their windshield washer failing to function effectively as a result of freezing.

Moreover, during summer, there is a likelihood of water developing bacteria due to hot air temperatures that support their growth as long as there is stagnant water. Therefore, to avoid the risks of being exposed to bacterial infections, it is advisable to use windshield wiper fluid because it promotes good health, which is the wish of every individual. The other importance of windshield wiper fluid is that it has cleaning solvents and detergents that oversee the clearing of bugs without challenges. Such cleaning substances are absent in water, making wiper fluids better.

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