After a Flat, Replace Your Donut with a Full-Size Spare

A flat tire can be a nightmare for a driver out on the town in Hanover. When you run into problems on the roadway, you can find a quick fix in the trunk of your car - a compact temporary spare or "donut" tire. These small tires are designed to fit into a car trunk and are intended for limited use.

A donut spare can get you driving again, but these tires are meant to get you on the road to tire replacement service. They can only be driven at limited speeds and extended use can cause safety problems. Relying on a donut spare long-term can cause problems with your car's antilock brakes and traction.

You can enjoy safe travels again for your long-term driving plans. Come to visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Hanover for efficient, effective tire replacement services and the installation of a full-size spare.

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