At the Mercedes-Benz of Hanover service center, we are proud to offer a long list of automotive services. With this in mind, we know drivers across Hanover, Braintree, and Norwell want their brakes performing at their best. We do get questions about the differences between various brake components, and we are here to go into more detail.

Brake rotors and pads both help stop your vehicle. But what's the difference between them? Brake pads are made of soft materials, and brake rotors are made from hard materials. Typically, brake pads are replaced more frequently than rotors since they are less dense.

If your car uses disc brakes, rotors are the discs themselves. They are located on the inside of each of your wheels. They spin at the same pace that your wheels move. When you press down on your brakes, the brake pads will squeeze around the rotors, making your vehicle stop.

Now that you understand the role of rotors, brake pads are attached to the calipers. They face the disc brake rotors and close when you apply the brakes. The friction is what makes your Mercedes-Benz vehicle stop.

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We are always happy to assist our Hanover clients with brake repairs and services. If you still have questions about brake pads or brake rotors, please feel free to contact our team. You can schedule your next appointment online! We look forward to assisting you soon with automotive service.

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