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More and more, electric cars are popping up on local streets. These futuristic models might seem strange at first; however, living with and driving an electric car each day is an experience you’ll quickly adjust to. Of course, you’ll have questions before making the jump from a gas-powered car to one that runs solely on electric power. You can bring those questions to our electric car dealer near Plymouth, MA.

Our Mercedes-Benz of Hanover team is uniquely qualified to set up first-time electric vehicle (EV) owners with the right ride for their lifestyle.

What To Know When Looking for an Electric Car

EV ChargerIs this going to be your first electric car? If so, you can reach out to our team directly with any questions you might have. Before you do that, however, we figured we’d answer a few questions right away.

One of the most common questions we receive is what type of charging port do I need to install to charge my electric car? This is a good question, as having the right charging station will allow you to return your EV to full power each night. The type of charger you want somewhat depends on the type of model you have. If you obtain your electric car from us, we’ll help with the installation process of the charging port.

Another common question is what type of service does an electric car require over time? Once again, if you speak with our team, we can create a helpful outline for you—one detailing what to expect regarding the service and care of an EV. For the most part, service is going to mirror that of an internal combustion car, with a few notable changes.

Choosing Your Electric Car

Electric Car Dealer near Plymouth MAOur electric car lineup contains a varied list of models. Not only is it important to choose an electric car that fits what you want in daily driving situations, you also need to choose the ideal battery and general performance arrangement for yourself.

You can learn about the ins and outs of electric cars by checking out our reviews and comparisons or diving into our online inventory. Our team is happy to speak with you about any particular models as well.

With each passing model year, Mercedes-Benz is creating new and innovative electric options. These sedans and crossovers merge practicality and style with fun and usability. So, if want to receive updates on future electric cars, let us know.


Choose an Electric Car Around Plymouth, MA

The old world becomes new again when you visit the charming Plymouth, MA, community. You can visit Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrim Hall Museum, and any other local historical landmark to take in the rich past of this community.

While Plymouth is home to a wealth of history, new-age innovations like electric cars are abundant. You can join the electric car community by choosing one of our Mercedes-Benz of Hanover models. Contact us today to learn more!

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