Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement near Plymouth MA

Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement near Plymouth MA

At Mercedes-Benz of Hanover, our mission is to help drivers have the best car-owning experience possible. That includes offering an on-site service center where authorized technicians can perform a synthetic motor oil replacement for your Mercedes-Benz model.

If you need a synthetic motor oil replacement near Plymouth, Massachusetts, schedule an appointment today.

Why Synthetic Motor Oil Replacements Are Necessary

Pouring Synthetic Motor OilThe synthetic motor oil for your car performs three essential functions, all of which keep your engine running as it should.

  1. It lubricates your engine. Your engine consists of fast-moving metal parts, and synthetic engine oil prevents friction.
  2. It cleans your engine. As you drive, dirt and debris get kicked up into your engine. Synthetic motor oil picks up these impurities and prevents them from damaging the engine.
  3. It cools your engine. Fast-moving metal parts generate a lot of heat, and synthetic oil prevents overheating.

Your Mercedes-Benz uses high-quality, long-lasting synthetic motor oil. This synthetic oil is smooth, light in color, and free-flowing.

Over time, however, it naturally begins to degrade from heat and debris, and it becomes darker in color and thicker in consistency. After synthetic motor oil degrades, it cannot perform its functions as well, meaning your engine cannot perform as well, either.

Since synthetic motor oil is so integral to the health of your engine, regular synthetic oil replacements are necessary.

Signs You Need a Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement

Reading through Mercedes-Benz Owner's ManualMost drivers should take their Mercedes-Benz to an authorized service center about every 7,000 to 15,000 miles, or about once a year. These figures vary based on the specific vehicle you drive, and your owner’s manual will have more detailed information. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz-certified technicians in our service center can answer any questions you may have.

There are also some symptoms to look for that may indicate your Mercedes-Benz is due for new synthetic oil:

  • Dark smoke exhaust
  • Burning smell
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Clanking or grinding noises from under the hood

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these signs, you may be overdue for a synthetic motor oil replacement.

Our Authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Center

Our Authorized Mercedes-Benz Service CenterThe factory-trained and -certified technicians in our service center can perform a synthetic motor oil replacement in under an hour. In addition, our technicians are here for anything your Mercedes-Benz needs, from routine maintenance, like synthetic motor oil replacements, to more involved repairs to your transmission. Come to us for all your car service needs, including:

  • Brake services
  • Tire rotations
  • Transmission repairs
  • Battery replacements & more

In addition, our technicians perform all their repairs using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. When your Mercedes-Benz model was on the assembly line, these are the same components it received. Our technicians prefer to use these because they are guaranteed to provide a perfect fit. In addition, using OEM parts keeps your Mercedes-Benz a Mercedes-Benz.

Schedule a Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement near Plymouth MA

Regularly scheduled synthetic motor oil replacements are one of the best ways to keep your Mercedes-Benz operating at its best for years to come. If you are due for a synthetic motor oil replacement near Plymouth, MA, reach out to our team of professionals at our authorized service center. Call or go online to make an appointment today.

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